The Informal Screenings Test

The Informal Screenings are an invaluable resource for parents. Oftentimes parents are confused about whether their child needs help with reading. The teacher says he’s fine and not to worry; he will “learn when he is ready.” But parents see their children struggling. If you face this uncertainty, you can administer an Informal Screening to your child to see if your concerns are justified. Click here for instructions on how to administer an informal screening for your child.

The Informal Screenings Package includes parent and child copies of the following:

  • Kindergarten Informal Screening
  • First Grade Informal Screening
  • Second Grade Informal Screening
  • Third Grade Informal Screening
  • Instructions are included for screening students in grades 4-12 using their own textbooks.

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The tests are also included in Smart Kid, Can’t Read, available on Amazon.

Personalized Screening Feedback

If you record your child while administering the informal screening we will provide personalized feedback. Learn More